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Lincoln Park Equity is your best value in vacation ownership. Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent timeshares – we are your luxury hotel timeshare specialist. Our website can provide a valuable resource for discovering how to save big when looking to buy timeshare, enjoy timeshare rentals at great prices, sell timeshare without expensive upfront fees, and rent timeshare you don’t intend to use this year. Most importantly, you’ll find a team of licensed real estate professionals that are committed to your satisfaction in buying, selling, or renting timeshare. Thousands of owners, buyers, sellers, and renters have discovered the benefit of working through Lincoln Park Equity. May we assist you?



Whether you wish to buy or rent a timeshare, you’ll find vacation ownership a great alternative to a cramped hotel room. In many instances, you and your family can relax and holiday in the comfort of spacious timeshare vacation rentals for the cost of a hotel room. Enjoy one, two, and three bedroom fully furnished luxury villa accommodations in America’s most popular timeshare resorts.

Found on beaches, fairways, ski slopes, and lakes, luxury hotel timeshare resales offer many exceptional lifestyle options. Most properties are “Gold Crown” or “Five Star” designation. Timeshares also provide vacation flexibility and variety by enabling you to exchange your week for other resort accommodations worldwide. Explore the world through RCI Points, RCI Weeks and Interval International. RCI and International International represent over 5000 resorts around the globe. For luxurious timeshares for sale and vacation rentals at outstanding values, let us find your ideal place!

Types of Timeshare Resorts Determining Resale Price

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This includes at least 95% of timeshares that can viably be resold. The maximum resale prices average approximately 15% to 35% of the developer new price.


This includes Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons, Disney, Hyatt and other major name brands where in addition to timeshare benefits, the owner can use credits for other benefits such as airline tickets, or accommodations in the chain’s hotels worldwide. These special type of units typically resell for 35% to 55% of the developer new price except for especially high demand locations where they might sell for more.

Mexico Resorts (and other non-deeded resorts)

Depends upon which city in Mexico, but resale prices are typically slightly lower than category one above, and since the right to use is for a number of years, when the end of the right to use is drawing near, the price drops dramatically.

Little Or No Demand

Studio units (no private bedroom), or off-season (Non Red) weeks. The honest truth is timeshares in this category can be nearly impossible to sell. Be smart and don’t focus on “what you will get out of it”, rather, focus on “what you are getting out of!” There is a substantial financial benefit if you are relieved of ongoing maintenance fees and taxes which quickly accumulate to losing thousands of dollars which could have been put in the bank instead of thrown away on something you are not using! Even if you net zero on the sale, focus on the thousands of dollars you’ll retain over a few years by enjoying NOT having to pay out further ongoing maintenance costs!!

Straight talk for serious sellers

There are two main categories of misrepresentation common today:

Category One

Companies which vastly over estimate realistic resale prices (to entice you to pay their typical $500 or more NON-REFUNDABLE up front fee or online advertising fee)

Category Two

Post card companies who invite you to hotel meeting at which they vastly under estimate realistic resale prices (to discourage you and entice you to pay them $3500 appox. to take your valuable timeshare. They charge you to take the timeshare and then go sell it on ebay!

Since our only business is timeshare resales we know that the above resale pricing estimates are accurate, so we strongly caution sellers:

If you encounter companies proposing substantially higher prices, or say that they will be in town “making offers” for your timeshare, examine their motive, no matter how impressive the company or sales pitch seems to be.

Is their only motive, like ours, to sell your timeshare?
Could they be trying to make the price enticing enough to extract a NON-REFUNDABLE advance fee from you?

We’re confident you will find there is some other motive!



Most typically the motive is to derive a fee to be paid by you in advance of the sale. Use a licensed real estate broker!
Such fees could include: online classified ad fees, up front listing fees, appraisal fees, or a $3,500 fee you pay them to take your timeshare.
It is a fact that we sell a high percentage of our listings if they are listed at prices competitive with other sellers.

If you want to be the first person in your resort that we call with a buyer, take time to call us and get some guidance as to pricing. The number one mistake sellers make is to look at our listings and see what they are priced at in order to price their own timeshare.

You ask why is that a mistake? Simple: in spite of our recommendations, sellers always overprice their listing if they haven’t talked to us first. They get in a hurry and list them online with no advise. These listings won’t sell until the sellers become educated so don’t take comfort in the many high prices you will see – but rather, think like a buyer and ask which listing would you buy?

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