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  • Maintenance Fees: Collect, record and deposit all monthly maintenance fees, fines and other income of the Strata Corporation.
  • Accounts Payable: Receive, review, record and disburse all accounts payable by the Strata Corporation. Ensure that all accounts payable for the Strata Corporation are paid on time, provided sufficient funds are available
  • Banking: Administer necessary bank accounts.
  • Sales Documentation: Provide forms and documentation as required by the Strata Property Act for the sale of any strata lot.
  • Operating Statements: Prepare and supply monthly operating statements to the Strata Council and owners (if requested). These include an income and expense statement, a balance sheet cheques issued for the month, and a list of owners who are in arrears.
  • Year End Financial Statements: Prepare and supply year-end financial statements to Strata Council and owners (if requested)
  • Budget: Prepare, in cooperation with the Strata Council, an annual operating budget with details reflecting the anticipated disbursements required for the following year.


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Let us manage your bookkeping

Lincoln Park Equity will manage your bookkeping with the most effective methods and knowledgeable staff available in today's ILLINOIS property management industry.